Fan Expo Geekery and Awesomeness.

All summer I’ve been promising 80 that we would go to Fan Expo in Toronto.  It’s a huge expo for people who dig comics, sci-fi, anime, and/or gaming.  There are advance sneak peaks for gaming.  Cool giveaways.  Exclusive merchandise. Neat autograph opportunities with celebrities.  Since my fam digs most of those things we were stoked!    

Since I’d been building it up all year, I was relieved to make good on my promise to 80.   Though my activities had some limitations and alterations, it was pretty fun. I bought a pair of Necomimi.  They’re robotic cat ears that move and are supposedly controlled by brain waves. I’ve wanted them for a while now. 🙂 If you’re interested in seeing me in my Necomimi, I’ll can make a video review for y’all. Let me know in the comments below.  Anywho, enough yammering.  Click the link and see my thankfulness and neat pictures. 



What my secrets are…

For this edition of Thankful Thursday, I have a particular thank you to a group of people who spent a few minutes with me this past week.  On Tuesday, I was having a particularly not great day.  I asked my peeps if they had any songs that were uplifting. People came out in bunches to share things with me.  In my musical wanderings, I came across Mary Lambert’s song Secrets.  The secret that I’ve been harbouring lately is that I have a damaged nerve in my right ear that affects my balance and ability to function at full capacity.  With the help of a physiotherapist, I’m relearning to walk normally and read when looking downwards. It’s definitely getting better and I do have short periods of time now where I’m almost practically normal – otherwise, I’d never be able to write this blog post or record this video.   I also have long stretches where it’s not okay and that always disappoints me.

My islands of balance and okayness are short and exhausting but they do give me hope. I have spent so much of my summer sleeping. My doc and physiotherapist say that this is ok.  My brain and left ear are getting organized and they’re remapping stuff.  I decided to use some of my ‘ok islands’ over the last few days to say thank you and to dance around in my kitchen chair.  I can’t dance standing up yet but I will!  My recovery time has been way longer than I’d thought and though it’s hardly life threatening.  It sometimes gets me down.

For those of you already in the know, who listened sympathetically and patiently to my story and its progression this summer, or who posted tunes when I needed a lift here or on my Facebook page, I thank you. For realzies.  You never know how your actions affect others.  I’m trying to get back to normal. You’re helping. I’m grateful.

Take a peek at my goofiness:

Proper video for Mary Lambert’s ‘Secrets’: