Hey. Can you spare a kidney?

This here is my friend Melissa.


Some of my former colleagues might remember seeing her over at Tunney’s.

Remember? When she worked there she was the only one who could make you laugh while she made you something delicious?  She’d drag your sandwich ‘through the garden’ and made the most delicious mayos ever?  Oh yeah, those were some good times.

<pause to remember happy-sandwich time>

Here’s the thing though, Melissa has kidney disease and the doctors give her 6 months to a year before she needs to go on dialysis. DIALYSIS.  And she’s 40.  FORTY!  We’re close in age and I’m quite fond of her funny ass so it hits pretty close to home.  If Melissa can’t find a new kidney before she has to go on dialysis, the doctors predict it will cut her life expectancy in half.

And when you really think about it, 20 years left to live is not a long time.

When you register to donate a kidney, you might find out that you’re not a match for Melissa but you might be a match for someone else.   My FN peeps who live with or who love a relative who lives with Diabetes know all to well the fear of dialysis and shortage of kidneys.

Sign up to give a kidney and you *can* save someone’s life. That’s all there is to it.

I’d like to hear Melissa or some kidney recipient say:

‘Oh hey, things were pretty serious back there cause I had no kidneys left but someone gave me one and I’m good now.  I’m good now, cause someone GAVE ME A KIDNEY!’

Or what if YOU could say this?

Friend:  ‘Whoah, that’s a seriously cool scar you got there.’

YOU: ‘You think so?  I got it when I was SAVING SOMEONE’S LIFE.  They were dying, I GAVE THEM A KIDNEY and NOW THEY’RE ALIVE. Thanks to ME.’

Click the links below, take a look and seriously consider it.

That's me and Melissa.  She needs a kidney.  Let's help her out my peeps.

That’s me and Melissa. She’s down a kidney. Let’s help her out.

To look into giving a kidney,  click on these handy-dandy links:




If you want to talk to Melissa about giving her YOUR kidney, send her a message on Facebook.

Alternately, talk to me here in the comments below and I can connect you.


Draw My Injury.

Frankly, I’m sick to death of my ear injury.  I’m trying to keep an open mind about it.  Trying to see the good in the bad.  I’m trying to learn the lessons I’m supposed to learn with this experience.   From an intellectual or spiritual point of view, I figure I’m on this journey to learn a lesson about what an invisible disability feels like.

I keep trying to breathe deeply and remember that I am probably experiencing this process to learn patience or humility or gratitude for what gifts God or the Creator or luck (whatever you might believe) has bestowed upon me.

When in truth, sometimes…  I’m just mad. Angry. Graceless. Frustrated.  I’ve been sidelined.  The world keeps spinning/working without me and I don’t like it.  I’m some kind of cranky-pants lately.

Take a look at my Draw My Injury video.  I was inspired by other YouTubers who have made ‘Draw my Life’ videos.  Though I didn’t feel up to making a whole lifetime of drawings, I felt like this might be a good way to share part of my story.

Let me know what you think?