How have I angered you now?

I have angered the coffee gods in some way.   I’ve been lumping along in a tenuous ‘woman vs. coffee machine’ relationship for the past six months with unfortunate results.

Here’s what happened AGAIN on Saturday morning.


Coffee Ground Barf-O-Rama.


Rustin was so entertained with my cranked state that he had to take a picture.  I was less than amused.


Big mess AND no coffee.



Here’s what gets my goat, this coffee ground ‘barf-o-rama’ doesn’t happen to anyone else when they make coffee using my machine.

Just. Me.

Why?  Why me?

I love you so much coffee and yet your makers seem to spurn my nerdy love!



2 thoughts on “How have I angered you now?

  1. Maybe it’s all the lumping along you’re doing!


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