It’s all you, Darling. Thankful Thursday.

If you hoped that today’s post was going to be a love post where I write reams of grateful-ositude about how I love you and us so much. It’s not on.

This is about COFFEE. Darling, wonderful coffee.

I’m thankful for coffee.  Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Unlike smoking or drinking, caffeine is a drug that no one questions. No one looks askance if you’re having some. No one ever says: ‘What are you doing with that coffee?! My god, woman!  Do you have NO REGARD for your health?!’
  2. It’s social.   It can be an opportunity to have a conversation with someone you want to know more about.  Meaning you can mack on someone without being too obvious.  (This partly relies on your macking skills but it can be done.)
  3. It’s a personality type indicator – ok, not really.  But I think you can tell a few things about me by my coffee order.  It’s a …  you know what, it’s too long to get into here.  Sufficed to say that my order involves variations of syrups and milk,  a specific temperature, no foam and interpretive dance.  Yeah, I can be a coffee princess.


    Me and Rustin at Sbux.

  4. The caffeine in coffee helps me pull my sh*t together in a way that no other drug can.  Imbibing just the right amount makes me feel awesome and motivated.  Not many other things do that for me.

There are a ton of people and situations that I’m thankful for, for realzies. If you opened this post and hoped that I’d written something darling about you.  Sorry, Honey.  I love coffee, alright?  That’s how shallow I am.

But you knew that already, eh? Yeah.


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