My cat, the extortionist.

The other cats seem to actively avoid my cat Pepper in our neighbourhood.
Initially, I was indignant for her.

Why is my cat the outcast?! Why is she not invited to play in their reindeer games? Cat-Bullies!

Lately, my opinion has shifted.  She’s often out overnight. In the morning, she proudly deposits her conquests on our doormat.  But she’s so consistent, it makes me wonder.  Cats have off days, don’t they?

I got to thinking maybe she’s getting her ‘nights take’ from other cats.  Maybe she’s actually the cat version of Don Corleone. She’s an EXTORTIONIST!

The other cats seem to keep a good distance from our yard.  Cats I once perceived as bullies now look scared. They give Pepper an especially wide berth.

This week, I found a sizeable chunk of NOT HER OWN kitty fur in her claws. I’m not saying what colour the fur is in case my neighbours read this. (They likely don’t, but one can’t be too careful if your cat is Don Corleone).

She meows like a juker if we don’t let her out at night.


Cat Gangsters

I think Pepper’s cat-gang toadies are expecting their leader.


I can see the scene now:

Damn it, Blackie. I said two chipmunks this week. All you bring me is this raggedy mouse head? You know I love you like family but this?  This can’t go on. You insult me.  You insult my family.  What am I supposed to bring them? When you bring me this?

Just saying, she looks guilty as hell.


Don Corleone



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