Moments great and overwhelming.

I have a thing about moments – not just any moment. I live to see moments that are great and overwhelming.  Let me show you what I mean, okay?

There’s a great little band from Europe called Boy.  During this video, the band is playing for the first time in North America and the lead singer is overwhelmed when she realizes they’re singing with her.  They know the words to HER SONG.  They love the song.  It’s like they love her.  She can barely continue she’s so suffused with emotion.  If you’re impatient (like me), you can see the moment around 0:55.

The clip below is from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  The same sort of moment happens here around 2:48 for Drew Barrymore.  Adam Sandler throws a little something special into the song for Drew.  It’s her reaction in that moment.  It’s lovely.  I’ve watched it many times.

Maybe the moment is the realization that someone is giving love to you?  That split second when you’re offered love in an unguarded way and you see it for what it is.  You are loved.

Maybe that’s too simplistic of an explanation.  Maybe it’s too complicated.

All I know is, I love being a part of that experience.  It’s so powerful because when I see it, I feel it too.


Die Vampire Die!

Bad language, blood or blow jobs.  Perfect.

I feel like this song was written for me.

I told someone that I work with that I was going through a creative desert.  This colleague looked at me with a look of such pity and said.  “Aw. Honey.”  Great, now I look desperate (more than usual even). This colleague was recently cast in a play.  I audibly swallowed.  I begged for details like a thirsty beggar.  ‘Tell me about it!  How is it going?  What part did you get?  OH!  Really! What else??’

It was kind of awful.  My colleague looked a little uncomfortable…





I always thought the word should be spelled great-ful. You’re happy. Maybe relieved. Why wouldn’t it be great? The spelling of grateful just seems… industrial or maybe metallic.

So why am I feeling great-ful?  I am.  I’m just not too sure what to do with it.

What needs to change?  Not sure.