I’ve been thinking a lot about what I need to do to help myself get out of this funk. It does feel like a funk, a glutinous mass I’m swimming through. It’s heavy and thick and it feels like it’s pushing the air out of my lungs. I keep sighing. It must be awful for others around me.

In an attempt to pull myself out of the glutinous mass, I’ve been revisiting things I used to love. I explored my old crushes – no, I didn’t stalk old boyfriends. I went back and thought about creative-y type things I used to do before I was married. I wrote, I drew, I wanted to be an actor. So, here I am writing a little bit, that seems to help. I’ve been brain mapping by writing down random thoughts/sketches as they come in to my head. I used to doodle things like the image above all the time. It feels like it’s been an age.

I used to love performing and acting. I spent some time on the internet yesterday looking for auditions to participate in. I’ve missed many recently and I’m thinking that it’s likely for the best. I can’t just start auditioning for things if I don’t have the time set aside. Nonetheless, it was enough to spark my mind. I felt a bit better.

All this mapping/sketching reminded me that many things are still possible.


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